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Menu Vital is a species-appropriate, balanced mixture for guinea pigs , which not only taste the animals delicious, but also give them everything they need for a healthy life. The proven vital complex also prevents deficiency symptoms and ensures an extra boost of vitality. 

High-quality cereals, fruity apple, delicious vegetables such as pumpkin and beetroot ... The food contains exactly the ingredients that a guinea pig would also look for in nature, and is made according to a sugar-free recipe . Vital vitamins, minerals and trace elements help to provide optimal care for the animals. Since guinea pigs have important vitamin C for themOf course, if you can not make yourself enough, then the Vital menu is naturally enriched with an extra portion of it. 

Menu Vital - our "original" for the healthy nutrition of guinea pigs! 

+ Extra vitamins:
The extra portion of vitamin C contained can prevent deficiency symptoms such as loss of appetite or lackluster coat 

+ coat shine:
The naturally contained linoleic acid as well as zinc and biotin care for the coat and ensure a healthy, shiny coat. 

+ Dental care:
The raw fiber-rich composition of the feed encourages prolonged chewing and thus supports the necessary abrasion of the ever regrowing teeth. 

+ Odor stop:
Our special combination of active ingredients ensures better air in the guinea pig home. In a natural way, unpleasant odors are bound and their formation is reduced.

  • For all guinea pigs
  • Mixture with valuable cereals, fruits and vegetables
  • Contains vital vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • With high quality extrudates
  • Sugar-free recipe
  • Without artificial flavorings
  • Without artificial preservatives
  • In the resealable aroma fresh bag



Cereals 54.5% 
Vegetable by-products 
Vegetables (beetroot, dried 2.6%, pumpkin, dried 1%) 
Fruits (apple, dried 1%) 
Oils and fats (rapeseed oil 0.2%) 
Yucca-Schidigera extract


Guaranteed Analysis

Raw fiber 12.5% 

Additives / kg:

Nutritional physiological additives:

3a672a, Vitamin A 11000 IE 
3a672b, Vitamin A 2236 IE 
3a671, Vitamin D3 839 IE 
3a312, Vitamin C 421 mg 
E8, Selenium 0.115 mg 
3b202, Iodine 0.06 mg 
3b603, Zinc 17.20 mg 
3b502, Manganese 12.44 mg 
3b103, iron 36.44 mg 
3b405, copper 4.85 mg

Technological additives:

> 1g568 clinoptilolite 6520 mg 


Feeding Guideline

30-35g (3 tablespoons) per animal per day + hay and fresh water.