Vitakraft Menu Budgie Food 1kg

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A specially developed diet for budgerigars, Vitakraft Budgie Menu Food provides balanced and appropriate nutrition, giving your budgie everything needed to lead a healthy life.

Formulated with premium quality ingredients, including delicious millet, vegetables, eucalyptus and honey, Vitakraft Budgie Menu Food is enriched with essentail vitamins for a balanced diet that helps prevent deficiency symptoms and promote animal wellbeing. It also contains natural beta-glucans, strengthening your bird’s resistance to activate the immune system.

With “Iodine Vital Complex” Vitakraft Budgie Menu ensures sufficient supplies of iodine, minerals and trace elements supporting the metabolism and a healthy life. It also contains an optimum calcium-phosphorus ratio, supporting healthy bone structure.

  • A balanced and appropriate diet for budgies
  • With delicious millet, seeds, vegetables, eucalyptus and honey
  • With essential vitamins to promote wellbeing
  • With natural beta-glucans for immune health
  • With Vital Complex, providing sufficient iodine, minerals and other trace elements
  • With a balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio supporting bone structure
  • Sugar free recipe
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives



Cereals (Millet 90.3%), Seeds 3.5%, Minerals, Vegetables (Dried Carrots 1%), Cut Dried Eucalyptus 0.2%, Oils and Fats, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Honey 0.02%, Yeast (Beta Glucans 80mg/kg)


Guaranteed Analysis
Typical guaranteed analysis
Calcium 0,80 %
Phosphorus 0,40 %
Supplemented additives/kg:
Nutritional additives:
3a672a, Vit. A 6.000 I.U.
E671, Vit. D3 600 I.U.
3b201, iodine 4,97 mg
E5, manganese 39,98 mg
3b605, zinc 20,04 mg