Vitakraft Life Dream Guinea Pig

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LIFE Dream is a fruity mix of chowders, which, piece by piece, contains everything guinea pigs need for a healthy life. The wonderfully delicious blend of apple, orange and rosehip provides vital vitamins, extra vitamin C and valuable minerals. A healthy proportion of crude fiber also supports digestion and helps with the necessary tooth wear. Developed by rodent experts and veterinarians!

  • Fruity chunk mix
  • No selection - prevents malnutrition
  • Ideal for picky animals
  • With a wonderful smell of apple and orange
  • With essential vitamins - including extra portion of vitamin C
  • With valuable minerals
  • With anti-odor complex
  • Sugar-free recipe
  • Without preservative substances
  • Aromafrisch packed



Vegetable by-products 

fruits (apple juice concentrate 1%,  
orange juice concentrate 1%) 
(Hagebuttensaat 0.25%) 
oils and fats 
schidigera extract 


Guaranteed Analysis

Raw fiber 14.0% 

Additives / kg:

Nutritional physiological additives:

3a672a, Vitamin A 12575 IU 
3a671, Vitamin D3 699 IU 
3a700, Vitamin E 83.8 mg 
3a312, Vitamin C 698 mg 
3b801, Selenium 0.299 mg 
3b202, Iodine 0.45 mg 
3b603, Zinc 59.88 mg 
3b502, Manganese 59, 88 mg 
3b103, iron 99.80 mg 
3b405, copper 9.98 mg

Technological additives:

> 1g568 clinoptilolite 6063 mg 


Feeding Guideline

30-50 g per animal per day + hay + fresh drinking water.