Vitakraft Emotion Beauty Selection Adult Guinea Pig 600g

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Healthy beetroot, delicious alfalfa, aromatic parsley: Emotion® Beauty Selection Adult combines optimal care with delicious taste - and also promotes a healthy skin and a beautiful, shiny guinea pig skin thanks to the valuable oils contained! 

The well-balanced main food mix is designed specifically to meet the needs of adult animals in the selection of ingredients and therefore contains, for example, valuable methionine to support coat growth. The raw fiber-rich composition alsosupports the necessary tooth abrasion. 

Like all Emotion® staple foodsNaturally Emotion® Beauty Selection also contains the unique TriVita® Complex - the innovative plus for a lively and healthy guinea pig life. Developed by veterinarians and rodent experts!

  • TriVita® Complex: With Seaweed DHA , Emotion® contains one of the most valuable and biologically active omega-3 fatty acids essential for the heart, brain and immune system. Prebiotic inulin provides a healthy intestinal flora and promotes optimal digestion. The balanced ratio of essential amino acids also guarantees a high biological value. For a good life!
  • Skin & Coat: Valuable oils promote the health of the skin and coat
  • Long Hair: Methionine supports coat growth
  • Dental: The raw fiber-rich composition supports the necessary tooth wear
  • Extra vitamins: With essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements for optimal care - including extra portion of vitamin C.
  • Odor Stop: Our special combination of 3 natural active ingredients binds unpleasant odors and reduces their formation

  • For adult guinea pigs
  • Species-appropriate mixture with delicious Futterkörpern
  • For healthy skin and a beautiful coat
  • Sugar-free recipe
  • Without artificial flavors
  • Without preservative substances
  • Aromafrisch packed



Vegetable by-products (alfalfa 12.8%) 

Vegetables (beetroot, dried 1.1%) 

Parsley, dried 2% 
Inulin 1.9% 

Oils and fats 1.1% 

Yucca-Schidigera extract 


Guaranteed Analysis

DHA 0.06% 
crude fiber 14.5%

Additives / kg:

Nutritional physiological additives:

3c301, DL-Methionine 3960 mg 
3a672a, Vitamin A 15491 IE 
3a671, Vitamin D3 1245 
IU31312, Vitamin C 725 mg 
E8, Selenium 0.281 mg 
3b202, Iodine 0.34 mg 
E4, Copper 9.81 mg 
3b603, Zinc 50.62 mg 
3b502, manganese 48.26 mg 
3b103, iron 88.35 mg

Technological additives:

> 1g568 Clinoptilolite 5669.94 mg 


Feeding Guideline

For guinea pigs> 6 months. Per animal and day about 40-50g + hay + fresh water.