Vitakraft Cat Grass 120g

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Vitakraft cat grass can be grown indoors and provides fresh succulent shoots for your cat to chew, helping them to eliminate hair balls.


  • Grow your own cat grass.
  • Selected seeds contain minerals, vitamins and chlorophyll.
  • Easy to grow in this convenient tray.
  • Fresh juicy shoots for your cat.
  • Germination in just a few days.


Directions of use

How to Use: Punch out the 6 pre-prepared holes in the base of the tray to drain excess water. Empty seeds from the enclosed pouch into the bowl and mix evenly into the mineral soil. Place the seed tray on the lid so that excess water is caught in the lid.  Pour approximately 500ml water into the seed tray. The grass will start to sprout after 3-4 days. Ensure that the grass is kept damp, and place in a warm, light place away from direct sunlight.