Tetra Tetramin Mini Granules

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Tetra Min Mini-Granules are the first granules in Tetra Min quality as main food for all small tropical ornamental fishes. It contains four essential granules (proteins, vitamins, color amplifiers and lezithin), for blaze of color, vitality, growth and power of resistance. Slowly sinking granules and the high consistency guarantee a fast soaking time and a nutritional and balanced diet. Now with BioActive formula for a long and healthy fish live.

The patented BioActive formula is a special mixture of vitamins and vital nutrients combined according to the latest nutritional scientific findings.

  • TetraMin mini granules
  • Complete food for all small tropical fish
  • For health, colour and vitality
  • Biologically balanced food for healthy fish and clear water
  • Ideal for all small mid-water feeding fish


Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein: 44 %
Crude fat: 11 %
Crude fibre: 2 %
Crude ash: 9 %
Water: 8 %


Feeding Guideline

Feed the fish several times a day with only as much food as the fish can consume within a few minutes.