Tetra Test pH 10ml

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Measures the pH value reliably and precisely
  • For all freshwater aquariums
  • for a large number of analyses

10 ml reagent

1 color chart
1 water vial
Directions of use
The test measures pH values before ranging from 5 to 10.
1. Rinse the test vial with water to be tested.
2. Fill the vial to the 5 ml mark with water to be tested.
3. Hold the bottle with the test reagent upside down over the vial and add 7 drops.
4. Close the vial and shake gently.
5. Hold the vial around 1 cm (finger's width) in front of the white surface of the colour chart. Match the shade of the test solution to the colour it comes closest to on the colour chart and read the corresponding value.  After each test, rinse the vial thoroughly with tap water.
Values and assessments:
The optimum pH value depends on the species of fish.
  • Aquarium: General freshwater fish 6.5-8.5
  • Black water fish 6-7.5
  • East African Cichlids  7.5-8.5
  • Pond: 6.5- 8.5
What to do if pH value is too high? Use Tetra pH/KH minus
if pH value is too low? Use Tetra pH/KH Plus