Tetra Test NH3/NH4+ 17ml

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Tetra test NH3/Nh4 for fresh water aquariums, marine water aquarium and ponds.  Organic nitrogenous substances in the water, such as fish excreta and food remains are decomposed in various stages: intro harmful ammonia (NH3), into toxic nitrite (No2) and finally into nitrate (No3). A total ammonia content (NH3/NH4) exceeding 0.25 mg/L is already harmful to your fish in the long term.
1 set contains
1 x 17 ml test reagent
1 x 10 ml test reagent
1 x 6 ml test reagent
1 vial
colour chart
instruction for use and recommendations.
Directions of use
This test measure total ammonia value ranging from 0 to 5 mg/l
1. Rinse the test vial with the water to be tested.
2. Fill the vial to the 5 ml mark with water to be tested.
3. Hold the bottle containing test reagent 1 upside down over the vial and add 14 drops.
4. Close vial and shake gently
5. Open vial, hold the bottle with test reagent 2 upside down over the vial and add 7 drops.
6. Close the vial and shake gently.
7. Hold bottle containing test reagent 3 upside down over the vial and add 7 drops.
8. Close vial and shake gently
9. Allow 20 minutes for the colour to develop
10. Shake the vial gently.
11. Hold the around 1 cm (finger's width) in front of the white surface of the colour chart. Match the shade of the test solution to the colour it comes closest to on the colour chart and read the corresponding value.
Values and assessments:
The total ammonia value should be as low as possible 0 mg/l ideal.  >0.25mg/L harmful to fish.
What to do if ammonia content is too high? Carry out partial water changes (30% each) until total ammonia content is no more than 0.25 mg/L. Remove any dirt, such as plants and food remains.