Tetra PlantaStart 12 tablets

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  • Compound That Helps Nourish and Protect all the Plants
  • Its Chemical Formula is Indicated to Offer Greater Strength and Resistance to the Structures of the Same.
  • Presentation in Small Box of 12 Tablets.
  • Improves Plant Growth.
  • Protects Sensitive Roots.

Tetra Plant Start is a compound that helps nourish and protect all the plants that give life to your aquarium. Its chemical formula is indicated to offer greater strength and resistance to the structures of the same. Presentation in small box of 12 tablets. It promotes the development of algae by strengthening them from the very root, which prevents them from delaying in adjusting to the substrate after replanting. Such a feature give a more green and lively look. Among its most important recommendations we find in applying 1 tablet per 30 liters of water, always present in an interval of 4 to 8 weeks. Find all the benefits that the magic of this product has through its use and you will see how it will surprise you!

ADVANTAGE: Promotes rapid and safe adhesion after planting and replanting. Improves plant growth. Protects sensitive roots.


Directions of use

USES AND SPECIFICATIONS: Compound with effective chemical formula for optimum development of plants in aquariums.

Apply 1 tablet per 30 L of water. Apply the tablet to the substrate surrounding the root area. Repeat the dose after 4 and 8 weeks. Imported from UK.