Prunus Skin Care Shampoo 500g

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Prunus Skin Care Shampoo is an innovative shampoo which serves as cleaning, purifying as well as preventing skin diseases, dandruff and skin dryness. It's anti- microbial effect which prevents your dogs from getting bacterial contamination contagion. Additionally, it is very effective in preventing and treating dog skin diseases. This has been proven safety through a safety test with dog's skin and eye irritation, therefore it is a very safe product to use.

  • Efficacy and Effects: Very effective in preventing skin diseases
  • Safety proven: Verified and proven safe for pets even with frequent and multiple usage
  • Clean and pure: The shampoo leaves your dog’s skin clean, pure and healthy with antimicrobial effects
  • Protecting your skin: It is safe for your skin even with multiples usage
  • Natural antimicrobial ingredients and moisturizing formulation: It helps keeping dogs skin healthy and clean with natural ingredients
  • Natural herb extract: Leaves your dog’s skin shiny and protect both skin and coat



Directions of use
  1. wet your dog with warm water and apply a sufficient amount of the shampoo to your dog
  2. Mildly scrub your dog and rinse adequately