Prunus Natural Herb Shampoo 500g

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Prunus Herb Shampoo is an innovative, low irritation shampoo which serves as a shampoo, treatment and protection of the skin product. With natural herbs and natural anti-microbial, which are good for your pet's sensitive skin, Prunus herbal shampoo leaves your pet's fur moisturized, glossy and anti-static. It also has an excellent effect of conditioning and is proven safe and effective clinically.

  • Low-irritation shampoo with natural formulation: Appropriate for weak skin of dogs
  • Natural herbs and natural antimicrobial ingredient (Patent): Containing natural herb extract from salvia, aloe, green tea and morus alba bark with the addition of natural antimicrobial ingredients it helps protects dogs skin and hair.
  • A safety proven product: Verified safe through safety test

The state of the art shampoo specifically designed with natural cleaning formula which is appropriate for your dog’s skin that has a thin outer layer that lacks resistance. The shampoo mildly cleanses, rinses and moisturizes your dogs skin.


Promegranate extract, Aloe Vera, Green tea Extract, Sage extract, Mulberry root extract.


Directions of use
  • Wet coat with warm water avoiding eyes and pour shampoo along pet's back.
  •     Work shampoo into coat.  Add more, if needed.
  •     Rinse.
  •     Shampoo again and rinse until water is free of suds.