Prunus Essence Pack Rinse 500g

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Prunus essence pack rinse is a newly upgraded rinse. It helps to prevent static and tangles and will leave your dogs skin and fur moisturized, shiny and strong. The long lasting fragrance is very effective in deodorizing.

  • It is a hair clinic product: Leaves your dogs’ skin and hair moisturized, glossy and strong in addition preventing static and tangle
  • Natural herb extracts and natural antimicrobial contents: Punica granatum bark extracts and natural herb extracts that protects and strengthen dog’s skin
  • Safety proven: Verified and proven safe through a safety test for skin and eye irritation
  • You can control scent and effect

Directions of use
  • After shampooing, apply a substantial amount to the whole body and massage thoroughly then rinse with water
  • If you prefer to have your dog’s skin and hair softer with long lasting fragrance, dilute with ratio of 7 water to 1 rinse and apply evenly. Massage and wipe off with towel