ProDen OmegaAid 250ml

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OmegaAid is a feed supplement which helps to promote healthy skin and coat in cats and dogs. OmegaAid contains high levels of Omega 3. Also included are vitamin A, D, E and biotin, all of which are essential for skin and coat maintenance and repair.


(per 2.5ml) Rapeseed Oil 2000mg, Omega 3 Fish oil 375mg (EPA 33mg/DHA 22mg), Evening Primrose Oil 250mg, Aniseed Oil 9mg 

Additives (per 2.5ml)
Vitamin E 4mg, Vitamin D3 1mg Vitamin A 0.18mg, Biotin 0.5μg.

Trace Elements (per 2.5ml) 
Zinc Glycinate 2mg

Guaranteed Analysis 
Crude carbohydrates 1.75%, Crude protein <0%, Crude fat 98%, Crude ash <0.5%. 


Directions of use

Cats and dogs 0-10 kg

2.5 ml

Dogs 10-20 kg

5 ml

Dogs 20-30 kg

7,5 ml

Dogs over 30 kg

10 ml