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100% natural ingredients extracted from oriental botanicals promises to improve the sensitive skin problems of your pet.

Combing the effect of regulating the flow of vital energy an invigorating blood circulation to the skin, it offers a 100% natural way for the dog/cat to achieve clear healthy skin.


  • A natural antiseptic / astrigent limiting bacterial & fungal growth
  • Balances the oil secretions to the skin & coat and promote a non-greasy skin
  • Relieves mild eczema such as skin itch, inflammation and redness
  • Eliminates accumulated dead cells from skin & reduce dandruff
  • Deep cleansing properties to remove impurities deep beyond the skin’s surface, therefore promoting healthy skin renewal and removing body odor



Honeysuckle flower, Beivedere fruits, Cnidium, Siberian cocklebur, Alum and others


Directions of use


  • Step 1: Infuse 1 sachet Herbal Bath in 1 litre of hot water and stand for 15 minutes, then add cool water until lukewarm
  • Step 2: Rinse your pet first before soaking it inside the lukewarm Herbal Bath therapy.  Use a sponge or towel and apply all over your pet’s body and massage gently for 5 – 10 minutes.  Wipe it dry without rinsing

*For White Coat’s Dog/Cat - Use water to rinse after soaking massage. Wipe dry without rinsing again.


Recommended once a week, use two to three times a week for sever skin symptoms

  1. sachet for dogs <10kg
  2. sachets for dogs > 10kg