Nova Destress Formula 90ml

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There are numerous occasions in the natural lifespan of your pet when it will experience a high level of stress. NOVA DE-STRESS FORMULA benefits the following:
  • Change of enviroment and re-homing stress. 
  • Shipment & travelling stress. 
  • Physical exertion and training stress. 
  • Acute/chronic sickness or surgery. 
  • Whelping/nursing. 
  • Symptons of anxiety loss of appetite, dehydration, jitteriness. 



Revitaliser nutrient, amino acid, vitamin that are required during the above stressful conditions.


Directions of use


  • Puppy & kitten: half teaspon daily. 
  • Small to medium dog, cat: half to 1 teaspoon daily. 
  • Large dog: 2 teaspoon daily. 
  • Small animals, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchill, etc: quarter teaspoon daily. 
  • Birds: hlf ml in drinking water daily. 

1 teaspoon equals 5ml.