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Nature’s Protection Superior Care for Small and Mini Breed Adult Dogs with White Coat 1.5kg

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  • "White Dogs" has been formulated to provide the best nutritional answer to the white coated dogs. 
  •  This unique product helps remove dog tear stains that discolor the surrounding hair and irritate your pet’s eyes. 
  • This is technologically new product, unique with its high quality composition. The product helps maintain and develop dog’s white coat and strengthens hair core internally. 
  • Exclusive formula to promote bright white lustrous coat and healthy skin. 
  • This dog food is balanced for dogs with eye tearing problems, spots on the fur, skin problems, or allergies to feed components.
  • "White Dogs" is a complete food for dogs over one year with special needs of skin care and white coat.

Dynamic micronised clinoptilolite actively stimulates intestinal health and nutrient absorption. Captures toxins produced by bacteria in the digestive tract and stimulates mobility by lubricating the joints.

Carefully selected protein sources maintain right composition of tears and protect dog organism against inflammatory processes.

Fatty acids from borage oil, salmon oil and linseeds for skin health; exclusive formula to promote bright white lustrous coat. Increased zinc, copper, biotin and B group vitamins to support benefit for skin and strengthen natural protective barriers of organism.

Lutein and high level of vitamin E help to protect the cells, polyphenols from green tea and grapes delay aging process and strengthen immune system.
Vitamin E and rosemary oil protects against the negative impact of free radicals in a completely natural way.


rice, poultry fat, barley, protein soya isolate, chicken liver hydrolysate, lamb meal, salmon oil, linseed, sugar beet pulp, dried eggs, dynamic micronized clinoptilolite (1%), fructooligosaccharide (FOS), cranberry dried, borage oil, chicory extract, green tea, marigold meal flower, grape seeds extract.
Nutritional additives: vitamin A (retinol E672) – 18 000 IU, vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol E671) – 1 500 IU, vitamin E (α-tocopherol 3a700) – 530 mg, vitamin C (ascorbyl monophosphate) – 600 mg, iron (E1) – 80 mg, iodine (E2) – 1,7 mg, copper (E4) – 6 mg, manganese (E5) – 25 mg, zinc (E6) – 145 mg, selenium (E8) – 0,25 mg, taurine – 1 200 mg.
Technological additives: rosemary extract, tocopherol-rich extracts of natural origin (E306).



Guaranteed Analysis
crude protein – 21%, 
crude oils and fats – 18%, 
crude ash – 6,2%,
crude  fibres – 1,5%,
moisture – 9%, 
calcium – 0,9%, 
phosphorus – 0,8%, 
potassium – 0,6%, 
sodium – 0,4%.



Feeding Guide
Serve the food dry. When you feed your dog Superior Care for the first time, gradually introduce it into your dog’s diet over a period of 3 days. Feeding amounts: see table. Your dog may eat more or less depending on age, temperament and activity level.
Clean, fresh water should be available at all times.
Feeding guide: