Marukan Insect Specialty Dry Mealworms 40g

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These mealworms are packed with high protein and nutritional value to aid growth in small animals. A favourite treat, especially among dwarf hamsters. Many small animal food mixes lack the animal protein our omnivorous fur kids need. Marukan Dried Mealworm for Small Animal is a great treat to supplement your pet’s usual seed mix with nutritional protein from the wild!
  • Comes in a 40g size
  • Made in Japan
  • A delicious treat for your little pet
  • Let your small critter hamsters enjoy the savory mealworms
  • Packed with full of freshness
  • Packed in a bag with ziplock
Dry mealworms


Feeding Guideline
Serve as treats or snacks. Intended for intermittent feeding only.