Marukan Hamster Strawberry Sandwich 50g

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Strawberry flavoured biscuits. Kneaded biscuits stick with unique strawberry taste to become a favourite to your squirrel or hamsters.Well baked sandwich biscuits with fresh strawberry paste.



Calcium, enzyme carbonic leavening agent flavoring extract salt fermented soybean protein, wheat and rice germ powder Spinach powder sugar, flour, cheese carrot carbonate leavening agent Ca · enzyme flavoring soy germ fermented rice powder, strawberry **



Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein: more than 7.5% 
crude fat: 11.5 percent more 
crude fiber: less than 1.9% 
Crude Ash: 5.5% 
Moisture: less energy 5.0%


Feeding Guideline

Serve as a treat or snacks. Ensure adequate amount of fresh and clean water to your pet at all times.