Marukan Guinea Pig Dinner 800g

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Contains dried vegetables mix containing vitamins, vitamin c and the two fiber-rich grass pellet formulations.

Provides nutrients required for growth of the pet and promotes health.

Guinea pig for dinner contains various vitamins, including vitamin C, mixed with the mineral-rich vegetables.

The grass pellet is energy efficient and has amino acid which is balanced with Brussels sprouts, carrots, corn, finished in natural food of good nutritional balance by mixing a variety of vegetables and grains such as wheat.

Excellent for digestion and absorption of nutrients with stable formulation of vitamin C-rich and alfalfa pellets and grass pellets mixed with a combination of both dietary fiber and short fiber long fiber to prevent obesity. It also prevents excessive growth of teeth as this recipe is in a moderate hardness. 

Suitable for munchkin piggies, munchkin bunnies and munchkin chinnies!

  • A mixture of 2 types of pasture pellet 
  • Abundant dietary fiber is abundant as it the pellets are mixed with many varieties of dried vegetable.
  • Mixes includes various vitamins, including vitamin C.
  • It is possible to give the nutrition which is necessary for the growth and health promotion of the pet naturally.
  • Suitable for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits and Chinchilla.



Dried vegetables, various grain and 2 kinds of fiber rich pellets. grass pellets, dried carrots, carrot flakes, corn flakes, corn, oats, wheat, peas


Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein -----18%
Crude fat --------- 2%
Crude fiber -------- 18%

Feeding Guideline

Feed freely to your pet. Adjust the level of feeding based on your pet's weight, body condition and level of acitvity, Always ensure free access to water at all times.