Marukan Crunchy Snack -Chicken 80g

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Marukan Chicken Crunchy Snack is good for promoting healthier teeth and stomach in your cats. 

Its high dietary fiber that encourages good digestion and moderate firmness that cleans your cat's teeth. 

The chewing action helps to cleans your feline's teeth and gums to ensure good dental hygiene in hard to reach places inside the mouth. 

Chicken Crunchy Snack is made with a chicken flavoured center and coated with mint on the outer layer. 

A mild and refreshing minty after-taste lingers in your cat's mouth and freshens the breath after snacking on this treat. 

This snack is perfect for any cat on any occasion! 


Chicken, Mint, Vitamins and Minerals. 


Guaranteed Analysis

Protein (min.) 30%
Fat (min.) 12%
Fiber (max.) 7.5%

Feeding Guideline

Complimentary food for your cat.