HALO Sensitive Care Shampoo

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Shampoo for sensitive skin is a pH-balanced, coupled with plant-derived enzymes, chamomile extract, minerals and vitamins that are specially formulated for dog’s delicate skin conditions.
It is gentle while providing nourishment and comfort to your dog’s skin, thus bringing back the natural, healthy balance between its skin and coat.. Infused with healing lavender essential oils, our pH-balanced formula is also enriched essential emollient that deeply moisturizes to leave your pet feeling clean and refreshed.
-Soothing & Calming effects on Sensitive Skin 
-Instantly Hydrates & Smooths 
-Skin Strengthen & Nourish Fur from the Inside
Product of Singapore
Deionized water, sodium laureth sulfate, glycerin, plant-derived enzymes, Matricaria Chamomilla extract, Urtica dioica leaf extract, Aloe barbadensis leaf extract juice, tocopherol and Helianthhus annuus seed extract, fragrance, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) oil, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone.


Directions of use

Wet coat thoroughly with warm water. Apply shampoo on your palm and massage into the coat until well lathered. For maximum effectiveness, leave on for up to five minutes. Rinse well with water and blow dry thoroughly.