HALO Conditioner For Pets 200ml

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Halo Conditioner is an utra-rich deep conditioning restorative that brings back shine and softness to your pooch's coat!

With natural lavender oil, HALO Conditioner is formulated to enrich, moisturize and condition  your pet's fur. It also smoothes dry and itchy skin and provide a healthy shiny glow to your pet, leaving it soft, great smelling and huggable.

HALO proudly uses human-grade ingredients that represent the essence of nature and life, from renewable and sustainable botanical sources. Your pooch derserves nothing short of the best.

Deionized water, sodium caprinoyl/Lauryl lactylate, glycerin (and) aqua (and) Avena Strigosa seed extract (and) lecithin, panthenol, tocopherol (and) Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil, acacia seyal gum extract, gragrance, lavender oil.


Directions of use
After shampooing, apply Halo conditioner generously to coat, working through to the ends, Give your pet a luxurious massage for 5 minutes with the conditioner on and then rinse coat thoroughly. For best results, use with Halo range of pet shampoo.