Habitrail Cristal Hamster Cage

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Your pet hamster will never be bored with the Habitrail Cristal Hamster Habitat. This all-in-one pet habitat provides a safe and secure living area with plenty of amenities to satisfy a hamster’s need to explore and stay active. The quiet exercise wheel gives your hamster a place to run at any time of day or night without creating a noisy disturbance. He can climb the small ladder to the lookout deck for a new view from his cozy home. A large plastic door allows for easy access to your pet and closes with a secure lock to keep him safe. The Habitrail Cristal Hamster Habitat features a deep base with rounded corners and a litter guard to minimize mess and make it easy to clean. It’s ready to go right out of the box with a food dish and chew-proof water bottle and holder.

Key Benefits
  • Large plastic door allows easy access to your pet and it has a lock to keep your pet securely inside.
  • Completely compatible with all other Habit rail® items.
  • Deep base and litter guard help minimize mess and make it easy to clean.
  • Durable design with ample ventilation and patented lock connectors for easy attachment.
  • Habitat includes a look out deck with ladder to satisfy your hamster's natural need to explore and hide, a quiet exercise wheel, a chew-proof water bottle and holder with stainless steel tip, a food dish, and a litter guard.
  • Durable, safe and comfortable habitat for hamsters
  • Satisfies hamster’s natural need to explore and hide
  • Designed to improve excellent air circulation
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy connection to other Habitrail items
  • Suitable for hamsters
What's Included

Hamster habitat, look-out deck with ladder, quiet exercise wheel, chew-proof water bottle and holder with stainless steel tip, food dish, litter guard.


Directions of use

Don't put the habitat on the floor - it should go on a sturdy table, shelf or stand in a peaceful place so that your hamster can sleep during the day without being disturbed. It should be in a room between 64°F to 75°F, which is a comfortable living-room temperature for humans. If you put your hamster in a cold room or shed he may hibernate. Make sure his home is not in a draught, but isn't in direct sunlight either.

You should provide your hamster with lots of soft bedding in his home. It should be at least 3" thick so he can enjoy burrowing. You can choose from many different types of bedding, for example Living World's Shavings, Alpine Hay, Wheat Straw and Corn Cobs. Shavings are safer than fine sawdust as this may irritate your hamster's eyes and lungs.

Don't use cat litter as this may contain dangerous chemicals and never use cotton wool, tissues or synthetic fibers either as these can kill your hamster. If you want to give him some especially cozy bedding, you can buy Living World Hamster Fluff.