Habitrail Classic Hamster Cage

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The Habitrail Classic is a main habitat unit that serves as a safe and secure central living area for hamsters, and is completely compatible with all other Habitrail items. The cage is constructed of plastic and wiring for both durability and excellent air circulation. The deep base design is easy to clean and maintain. A large plastic door allows easy access to your pet and it has a lock to keep your pet securely inside, while two windows allow you to connect other Habitrail items using our patented Lock Connectors. Habitrail Classic also includes a balcony with a secure ramp for hamsters to climb up, a quiet exercise wheel, a chew-proof water bottle and holder with stainless steel tip, a food dish, and a litter guard. The Habitrail Classic is a great base to have when you are building your pets’ home.

  • Comes fully assembled
  • Equipped with large plastic door for easy access to pet
  • Compatible with other Habitrail items
  • Suitable for hamsters



10 x 16 x 9.5 inches