CheckUp Test Kit For Dogs

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A quick simple, and reliable testing method to give you an overall picture of your dog's wellness through at home urine testing. Check up at home wellness test for dogs. Detect common conditions like:  
- High glucose levels
- Kidney failure
- Urinary tract infections
- Blood in the urine
Check your dog's health today.  Ideal for ageing and overweight dogs.
- 60 seconds testing
- Easy to use; do it your self
Non invasive and stress free
- Fast and easy assembly
- Disposable and one time use
- On the spot 4 testing results
- Recommended by top veterinarians.
- A product of the USA
1 kit
Consists of:
1x telescopic pole
1x detachable metal ring
1x disposable cup
2x identical testing strips
1x sample collection vial
1x sample collection pipette



Directions of use
1. Pole assembly. Attach the metal ring to the telescopic pole by rotating it.
2. Place the cup. Pull the metal ring to extend the pole and place the cup in it.
3. Collect sample. Catch a sample while the dog is urinating and bring home for testing.
4. Fill the vial using the pipette to at least 3/4.
5. Dip the strip. Simply dip the strip into the collected urine. Make sure all squares are submerged.
6. Read results.  Quickly place the strip on the result card and read it according to instructions.
7. Keep the sample if necessary.  Close the vial with a cap and refrigerate.
8. Further analysis.  If the test shows any positive results, take the sample to your vet for further information.
To avoid contamination, make sure the cup is clean and seal it after collection. Refrigerated sample can be sent for further evaluation in up to 48 hours.