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Bow Wow Beef Jerky 500g

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  • Improves pet's training & learning ability.Low fat, low salt, and low calorie product.
  • It's contains abundance o high quality protein or good digestion and absorption.
  • It's moist product processed by sanitary equipment with careful selection of pure natural materials.(fresh meat)
  • It' addition to a medicine in order to restraint from the smell of feces.
  • It's addition to composite amino acids medicine for improvement of liver function.
  • Sanitary and safe/sterilized by high temperature.
  • It's have a slight aromatic smell of cooked fresh meat.



Fresh Beef Meat(Australia,New Zealand), Tuna, Wheat meal, Soy bean meal, Seasoning,Vitamin & Minerals, etc.


Guaranteed Analysis 

Crude Protein(minimum)        28%
Crude Fat(minimum)            3.0%
Ca(minimum)                     0.3%
P(maximum)                      1.8%
Crude Fiber(maximum)         1.2% 
Crude Ash(maximum)           3.0%


Feeding Guide


Owing to the superior in the nature of taste, you should feed with proper quantity according to the degree of exercise as weight age with the reference of the mark below.

Ultra small sized dog: 20g
Small sized dog: 30g
Large sized dog: 100g


Do not feed except pets because of snack used for pets.

White ingredient or black spots can be appeared on the surface of a product Occasionally, but that are an ingredient of meat, so that can be fed without Fear.

You should keep avoiding humidity or direct ray of light, and keep in a dry And cold place.