Bioline Tea Tree Soap Bar 100g

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Bar of soap formulated with Tea Tree Oil and Chamomile Extract which offers protection from fleas, ticks and mites

Tea Tree Oil aids the healing process in yeast and bacterial skin infections whilst chamomile relaxes and soothes the skin

Natural ingredients packed with healing qualities for your pets, without the use of harsh chemicals

Beautiful, fresh scent which will get rid of any nasty odours on your pets and leave coats shiny

Perfect for pets with sensitive skin

With tea tree oil and chamomile extracts 

  • Relieves skin allergies, helps keep your pet healthy and clean 
  • Offers effective protection from parasites.


Directions of use

Wet dog with water and use tea tree oil soap thoroughly,massage until a luxurious lather is built up.Rinse thoroughly till the lather is washed completely.Dry the pet fur with towel or electric dryer