Bioline Silicate Cat Crystal Litter

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  • Clean  and fresh for up to one month
  • Absorbs urine in seconds
  • Neutralizes unpleasant odours
  • With antibacterial effects
  • Made 100% natural raw material, biodegrable
  • Economical and easy to use
  • Low dust, suitable for people with allergies


  • One bag of Silicate Litter will fill a cat litter tray with a bottom measurement of approx 35x45cm. For bigger or smaller litter trays use more or less litter accordingly.
  • Please fill the litter tray to a depth of at least 3cm. If the tray is used very often or by more than one cat the litter depth should be increased to 4cm.
  • For quick liquid absorption the litter tray should be positioned in a warm and dry place.
  • We also recommend using tray without a hood to ensure the best possible evaporation.
  • To help your cat get used to the new litter you can mix it with the cat litter you started with.
  • As some cats prefer one corner of their tray the litter should be stirred from time to time so that the absorption of the whole filling is used.ess
  • The soaked granules of Silicate Litter turn dark, but this does not mean a reduction in effectiveness.
  • The used filling of Silicate Litter is biodegradable. You can also bury it in the garden, the granules of Silicate Litter turn to dust in time. (Keep a distance of at least 1m  to trees and plants.)
Directions of use
  • Fill Silicate Litter into the clean and empty cat litter tray.
  • Removed the solid excrement regularly to keep the toilet clean and fresh.
  • Throw the used filling of silicate litter into the bio-waste container.



Warning: In rare cases a cat may eat the litter, If this should happen, provide ample water for drinking and consult your vet.