Bioline Cat Grass Kit 12g

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Cat owners are often perplexed when they see their meat-loving pets nibbling on greenery inside or outside the home. According to veterinarians, the craving is actually quite normal. Cats crave a grassy treat, they say, because it adds much-needed roughage to their carnivorous diets. Plant fiber helps regulate motility of the GI (gastrointestinal) tract, reduces hairball formation and even provides some necessary vitamins and minerals.


Directions of use

Before opening, turn the container over. Take off the sticker on the bottom of the container. Turn right side up. Remove lid. Open seed package and stir in seeds, ensuring that most are covered.

Place container on a small saucer. Add water to completely moisten soil (about 1/4 cup). Drain excess water. Cover container loosely with lid and place in warm, dark location.

Once growth is visible, leave container open and move to sunny location. Water to keep soil moist. Do not add fertilizers or pesticides.


  1. Let the chaff cake naturally open with 150g water.
  2. Put one third of chaff cake to the lid by the shovel.
  3. Scatter cat grass seed to the rest of chaff cake homogeneously.
  4. Cover the cat grass seed with the lids chaff cake homogeneously.

Note: It is normal if your cat throws up grass and food after eating the cat grass. Please do not be nervous, they do not need any treatment.