Bio-Groom Sure Clot Styptic Powder 15ml

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Sure Clot™ is a new specially developed formula by Bio-Groom to help stop bleeding from clipping nails, trimming beaks, and on minor cuts. Sure Clot's quality and performance is sure to satisfy.



Ferric Subsulfate, Bentonite, Diatomite, Aluminum Chloride, Ammonium Chloride, Copper Sulfate, and Iodine Complex


Directions of use

Sure Clot styptic powder by Bio-Groom. Clotting aid, a must when trimming dogs claws or for first-aid for minor cuts. Also recommended for birds, cats and other animals. Just apply directly onto the affected area. Consult a veterinarian if bleeding does not stop. Dip nail in powder or apply with moistened cotton tip applicator to area. Use moderate constant pressure until bleeding stops.