Beaphar Toothbrush

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The Beaphar Toothbrush, in combination with Beaphar Toothpaste, offers cost-effective, easy to use protection for your cat or dog's’ teeth. Early plaque formation must be brushed away in order to prevent bad breath and tooth decay. This two-ended brush can be used for all sizes and breeds of dogs. The handy soft grip makes sure the brush does not slip through your hands when brushing. The brush is specially designed to suit the shape of your dog’s teeth. The different lengths of bristle help you to reach all the teeth, even in difficult to reach places in your pets mouth. Additionally, the bristles are soft and flexible for optimal protection of the gums. 

This product is suitable for both cats and dogs.
Directions of use

The Brush should be wetted before use and after having done so, a little Beaphar Toothpaste should be applied to the bristles. Gently brush all the teeth until they are clean. Brushing removes food particles and reduces bacteria. Replace the toothbrush after 3 months or sooner if the brush looks worn out.

Warnings: Not for human use. Keep out of reach of children. Do not permit your cat or dog to chew on the brush. Avoid using human toothpaste in cats or dogs as it has a foaming action and may irritate your dog’s stomach.