Beaphar Plaque Away 250ml

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Bacteria and food particles cause plaque to form on your cat or dog's’ teeth, causing tooth and gum decay, leading to bad breath. Beaphar Plaque Away (formerly Beaphar Mouth Wash) contains enzymes that fight bad bacteria and reduce the formation of plaque.

Beaphar Plaque Away is a hassle free oral care solution, containing Chlorehexide, specially designed to ensure that your dog or cat has fresh smelling breath at all times.

The solution is an effective treatment for gingivitis and helps prevent dental disease by reducing plaque and bacteria formation inside your pet’s mouth.

An easy to use and effective Mouth wash with fast working results! Simply add 10ml to every 1000ml of the cat or dogs drinking water on a daily basis. The Beaphar Plaque Away is great for pets that aren’t used to having their teeth brushed, making theirs and your lives a little easier.

Suitable for use from 6 months of age.
Directions of use

Add 10ml of Beaphar Plaque Away to 1 litre of your pet’s drinking water daily. It is possible to add more at the same rate every time the drinking water is refreshed (at least every 24 hours).

Storage: Store at room temperature and out of reach of children.

Safety : Not for human use. Do not use undiluted. Do not overdose.