Beaphar Multi Vitamin for Dogs 50ml

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Multi-Vit with Carnitine contains vitamins that can be used for sensitive skin and help maintain a healthy skin and coat. Carnitine has been added because this is important for the dog's energy and for the functioning of the heart.


Crude protein 0.94%, crude fiber, 0.0%, crude fat 14.0%, crude ash 1.3%, moisture 81%. 

Composition / Active substance
Sugar, Oils and fats. 

White. A (E672): 1050000 IU
White. B1: 260 mg
White. B2: 730 mg
Nicotinamide: 3000 mg
Pantothenic acid: 2500 mg
White. B6: 270 mg
White. B12: 7100 μg
White. D3 (E671): 792 IU
White. E: 6300 IU
L-Carnitine chloride: 6300 mg


Directions of use
Mix through food or drinking water