Beaphar Dog Spot On Repels Fleas - 12 Week

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Beaphar Dog Spot On Repels Fleas is the simple and convenient way to repel fleas quickly and effectively. Each application lasts up to four weeks, so this pack provides up to 12 weeks protection. Contains Margosa, an extract of the Neem tree, which is noted for being full of natural insect repellents.

Size: contains 3 pipettes

Directions of use

To open tube – twist off cap. Do not squeeze tube during opening. Squeeze tube firmly when applying to ensure entire contents are used. For dogs weighing over 15kg (33lb): Use two tubes. Part your dog’s fur between the shoulder blades and apply entire contents of one tube directly onto exposed skin. Additionally, part coat on dog’s back near base of tail and apply entire contents of second tube onto exposed skin. For dogs weighing up to 15kg (33lb): Use one tube only. Part your dog’s fur between the shoulder blades and apply entire contents of ONE tube directly onto exposed skin. Do not remove second tube from packaging until required for future application. Keep the empty blister card for future reference. 

To ensure continuous protection, it is important to re-apply after 28 days. However, if your dog becomes excessively wet, it may be necessary to re-apply earlier. The drops can be re-applied safely after a minimum of seven days. 
After use, examine site of application periodically as occasionally a sensitive animal may experience localized irritation, in which case bathe the area with a mild, non-insecticidal shampoo. If symptoms persist or your dog becomes unwell, consult a Veterinary Surgeon, taking this pack and if possible the tube.
Warnings: FOR USE ON DOGS AND PUPPIES OVER 12 WEEKS OF AGE. Do not use on sick or convalescing dogs, nursing bitches or puppies under 12 weeks old – from which fleas should be removed using a flea comb. It is important to ensure that cats do not groom the site of application on another animal that has been treated with this type of product. 
Do not use any other flea control products on your dog during the four-week protection period. Do not reapply drops within 7 days of application.