Beaphar Care+ Rabbit 1.5kg

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Beaphar CARE+ Rabbit provides all the goodness your rabbit needs and the ‘all-in-one’ pellet ensures there is no preferential food selection, each pellet has the same composition, therefore no leftovers in the bowl. The extruded pellets are hardened to support the natural wearing of the teeth. The food contains special herbs which enhance the smell, and the Yucca schidigera extract reduces the smell of your pet's faeces. Disease resistance is supported through the addition of Echinacea and Spirulina.


Directions of use

Because the feed is so palatable, your rabbit should readily take to it. However, it’s important to change gradually from one feed to another, so mix some old and new feed together for the first few days. 

The daily amount of CARE+ to give is dependent upon the size and weight of your rabbit: Small/mini-Pole & Dutch Dwarf rabbits - around 60g; Dutch Lop-eared rabbits – around 85g; Rex breeds - around 115g; French Lop-eared rabbits, Flemish Giants & Belgian Hares - 170-450g; English Giants 340-450g. These quantities should preferably be split between two meals. 

Fresh drinking water should be given daily and you rabbit should have unlimited access to fresh hay.