Aixia Miaw Miaw Creamy Tuna 15g x 4 Cat Treat

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Aixia Miaw Miaw Creamy Cat Treats are an exciting pasty creamy treat for your purring kitties, one that will make you totally loved by them! 

Cats will love the taste of MIAW MIAW CREAMY & enjoy the benefits of I-Peptide which help in destressing & improving appetite. 

Added ingredients support body functions (Vitamin E) and reduce fecal odour. Your kitties will purr for more... PLEASANT MEMORY! 



Fish (Tuna Maguro) ,Fish Extract , Fish Peptide,etc.) , Protein Hyrolysate , Yeast extract , Lactosucrose ,Thickening agent(Modified Starch ,Jelly agents) , Seasoning ,Vitamin E


Feeding Guideline

Serve as treats or snacks. Intended for intermittent feeding only.