Aixia Miaw Miaw Creamy Tuna - Hairball Control 15g x 4 Cat Treat

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-Only Creamy Paste with Fish Peptide
-Helps in destressing & improve appetite
-Aids body functions & reduce odour
-Excellent treat for bonding with your cat.
-Suits cats with hairball.
-Made in Thailand

Fish (Maguro, fish extract, fish peptide, etc), protein hydrolysate, yeast extract, lactosucrose, thickening agent (modified starch, jelly agents), seasoning, vitamin E


Guaranteed Analysis

Protein: 5.9% or more, Lipid: 0.2% or more, Crude fiber: 0.1% or less, Ash content: 1.8% or less, Moisture: 89.1% or less


Feeding Guideline

Serve as treats or snacks. Intended for intermittent feeding only.