Hobo Small Animal Spray 250ml

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Hobo small animal spray kills mites and lice on hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbit, white mice and on cages and surroundings.



Piperonyl butoxide.........0.55% technical
Inert ingredients...........99.415%


Directions of use

Remove water and foodstuffs from the cage.  Spray the pet from a distant of 12 inches. Apply 3 to 4 pumps directly on the bird but avoid the eyes and face.  This will kill lice and mites on your pets.

To disinfect the cages, remove pets and food stuffs.  Spray cages from a distant of 12 inches.  Appply 5 to 6 pumps. Treatment maybe done twice a week.  This will leave your cage free from mites and lice. If flying insects are present spray lightly on the air.