Tetra Goldfish Gold Colour Food 250ml

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Tetrafin Goldfish Food Gold Colour is a premium color-enhancing fish food for special goldfish. Tetra gold fish food contains all the essential nutrients your Goldfish require for a complete, balanced diet. This color enhancing fish food has low waste for clearer, healthier water. Rich in carotenoids, Spirulina algae, and other nutrients which promote excellent natural coloration. These extruded fish food pellets aid excellent digestion and contain ActiveFormula for increased resistance to disease.
-With Tetra's usual Clean and Clear Water Formula helps reduce waste in the tank
-Patented BioActive Formula to support a long and healthy life
-Excellent digestibility at both high and low temperatures
-Ideal, high-quality diet keeps your fish in top condition
-Granules soften quickly making them very easy to eat
Contains vegetable derivatives, fish and mollusks derivatives, carotenoids, spirulina algae and other colour enhancers. 


Guaranteed Analysis
Protein   30%
Oil   6%
Fibre  2%
Moisture  8%


Feeding Guideline

It is recommended to feed your fish several times daily in small portions.