Chitocure All Purpose Shampoo 480ml

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Keep your pet's fur clean and soft using Chitocure Shampoo. The shampoo's Chitosan enriched formula is tearless, hypoallergenic, helps to prevent matting and tangling, and has a rich foamy lather to clean away dirt and grime, leaving your pet with a soft clean coat. 

Prevents bacterial, fungal and yeast growth on skin. Relieves dandruff, dermatitis, itching and dry skin. Absorbs body oils and unpleasant odours. Comes in a refreshing aqua scent. 



Aqua, Chitosan, Chitin, Cocamide DEA, Cocamidopropyl Betaine.


Directions of use

1. Wet coat with warm water.
2. Apply small amount of shampoo into the palm if your hands and apply to your pet starting at the head and work your way back.
3. Massage lather into skin and work thoroughly into the coat. Use more shampoo as necessary.
4. Rinse until water is clear.
5. Towel dry and brush or comb fur.